Quick Answer: Can You Post Bond Without Going To Jail?

Can you bail yourself out of jail with a debit card?

Many jails will also accept credit or debit cards, but those usually add pretty hefty fees for their use from the jail.

There are also those bad-luck moments when the system is down from one end or the other and you can’t use the card.

Originally Answered: How do you bail yourself out of jail while in jail?.

What are the rules of being out on bond?

While out on bail, you’re not allowed to leave the town or country. The judge may order you to remain within a designated area, such as your neighborhood or town, while the charges are pending.

Can you post bail without going to jail?

Luckily for some of the accused, certain warrants have predetermined bail amounts assigned to them. This means that you can post bail to the courthouse without ever having to spend a day in jail. Serious felony charges will likely not have this option, and some warrants actually state “No Bail” on them.

Can you post bail before turning yourself in?

You can’t post the bond before you turn yourself in.