Can You Help The Needy In Passive Voice?

Who helps you change in passive voice?

ANSWER: Passive voice for this sentence is: By whom you were helped..

What is the passive voice of help the poor?

Let the poor be helped.

Do you help your friends change into passive voice?

A Passive voice is one where you make the object of an action into the subject of a sentence. The Passive voice of “Do you always help your friend?” in the sentence, help is the verb and friend is the subject on which the action is to be performed. So, the answer Will be” Is your friend always helped by you?”

Do you not laugh at the poor in passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Let the poor should not be laughed by us.

Are you making a noise change the voice?

Answer: When we change into passive voice it will become “the noise was made by whom”.

Do we help them in every way passive voice?

Answer. Answer: Active Voice: We help them in everyway. Passive Voice: They are helped by us in every way.

Do you polish your shoes yourself passive voice?

Originally Answered: How do we change this sentence into a passive form, “Do you polish your shoes yourself?”? … It is “your shoes”. Next you identify the verb of the active sentence and form the past participle of it. It is “polished”.

Why are they laughing at her passive voice?

Sentence: They are laughing at her. Passive voice: She was laughed at by them.

What did your voice change?

➡What was seen by him ? ( passive voice ).