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Giving Metals and Amazing Gift

Metal surfaces are highly reactive and the resultant oxide layers that forms on the surface affects its appearance as well as performance. Metals are far more vulnerable, to exterior expsoure damage without some form of protection.Steel in widely used in buidlings. Rusting is a very common phenomenon observed in steel. Rust is an oxide layer that is formed upon exposure of the surface to air and moisture, ie to oxygen and water. Rusted Layer is more permeable to oxygen and water, thereby causing the metal underneath to corrode further.The rate of degradation of metal rapidly increases with severity of exposure. Paint is the most commonly and widely used material to protect metals.Protective paint systems usually consists of primer, undercoats and finish coats. Metallic paint system is classified based on pigments used and binder (resin type)


Primers for metals are an important part of paint system. Metal primers promote adhesion of paint as well as protects underneath metal from corrosion. Inhibitive pigments are used in the formulation of primers, to prevent eating away of the metal in the process of corossion. Rust Inhibitors in the primers basically contain Zinc compounds offers sacrificial protection to the base metal. How Zinc protects the steel beneath, can be explained by our material engineers in the team.They would love to!

Red Oxide Primers

Red oxide Zinc Chrome primers is widely used priming system for ferrous (steel) surfaces. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Not suitable for galvanized steel, aluminium, copper or brass. Red Oxide Priming provides anti rust coating. Shade is typical red oxide. Room needs to be well ventilated and primer needs to be kept away from flammable substances. Due to the consuderation of hex.

Zinc Phosphate Primer

Zinc Phosphate is widely used Primer formulation.

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