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About Color Excel

1 . What is Color Excel? is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation and service guarantee. manages the entire process online, from paint selection, to quotes to service booking, project management and payment. We, at ColorExcel are on mission to revolutionize the way homes get painted.

2 . Why ColorExcel and not any local painter?

We are true to our work and words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure exact square foot. Use the exact materials promised. And yes, we deliver on time, always. All of Colorexcel's painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and satisfaction.

3 . What kind of painting jobs you offer?

We provide an end to end 1. Interior Painting 2. Exterior Painting 3. Wood Finishes ( Paint & Polish ) 4.Metal Painting 5. Textures 6. Stencils 7. Wall Arts 8. Wall Paper 9. Waterproofing 10. Cleaning Services

When it comes to painting, we take pride in saying we know in and out. Give us any design/image, we recreate them on the walls - Pixel Perfect. You also have the flexibility of choosing over a wide range of products from the brands like Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux, Nerolac, Dr Fixit, Fosroc, Marshalls, Sanmarco.

4 . Is there any consultancy/visit charge?

It’s Absolutely Free. Expert assistance is just a click/call away.

5 . What is the overall procedure once I place a contact request?

You will receive a call from us very soon. Then as per your comfort, we schedule a visit at your site and our qualified engineers will guide you with all your requirements along with helping you choose the right product, keeping your budget intact. Further, you get an email with completely customized quotation on the same day (in the best of situations). View your quotation, along with detailed measurements on your dashboard. We are always available, should you need any clarification or further customization.

6 . Do you provide any service warranty?

There are two kinds of warranties involved in painting process. 1. Paint Product Warranty and 2. Service Warranty Paint Product warranty if applicable is directly provided by manufacturers of paint (with their terms & conditions ). Our painting service warranty will be of 3 year in selected painting systems.

7 . Awesome. So who are behind this?

We are a team of young and creative engineers who are trying to make home painting as easy as buying anything online these days. Our customers’ happiness mean everything to us. We would like to be a part of your beautiful home too 🙂

General Painting Process:

1 . What is the standard procedure of re-painting?

Putty touch up, followed by a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint application, provided walls are in good condition without any cracks or water seepage. Priming can be skipped if matte finish paint is used. However, it is always advisable to have an under coat of primer if a gloss (sheen) finish is desired or when painting a shade way lighter or darker than existing.

2 . What is the use of putty?

Putty is often used to prepare a smooth, even surface prior painting. It fills in minor cracks and holes and removes any undulations on walls.

3 . What is a primer? What is its use?

A primer is a substance that is used as a pre-coat before paint application on any surface - walls, wood or metal. Primer improves adhesion of paint onto the surface and enhances paint durability.

4 . Should primer always be used before applying paint?

Priming can be skipped while repainting using a flat paint (matte finish), though it is always advisable to apply paint on well prepped and primed surface. But never give it a miss when 1. Fresh painting a surface/drywall 2. Using gloss/high sheen paints 3. Painting a drastic colour change - lighter shade over a darker one and vice-versa. 4. Painting on repaired walls(patched areas) or walls in bad condition – paint flaking/peel off 5. Painting wood surfaces

5 . What all paint finishes are available?

Paints are available in following dead flat to high gloss finishes: · Matte · Semi Gloss or Satin or Soft Sheen · High Gloss or Super Sheen or Silky

6 . What is a matte finish?

Matte finish is opaque and does not reflect light at all and thus can cover up minor imperfections. It is not washable or stain resistant, so only way to get rid of scribbles or stains, is to paint over them. Matte paint is least expensive of all emulsions and is the most economical solution for houses on rent.

7 . How do I choose paint finishes for my house?

Rule of thumb says higher the sheen, higher the shine, more durable and easy to maintain it is and higher the cost. But, high sheen also reflects more light and hence imperfections like patches or reworked areas are easily noticeable. Gloss paints can be used in areas that demand attention and easy maintenance, like high traffic living room, kids room, kitchen and bath. If you have to impress your tenants with your freshly painted apartment and also save good cash, go for matte paints. They are easy to be painted over and do not show up minor imperfections as well. A smart tip is to use combination of paints: Matte finish on ceiling and products of desired sheen on walls.

About Us

Colorexcel  is a full home painting service contractor that specializes in high quality interior and exterior  painting and water­proofing.