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If you are planning to upgrade existing paint finish or change of colours 1 coat of Primer, 2 coats of Putty, 1 coat of Primer and
3 coats of Paint

Step 1: Priming - Preparatory Coat

Surfaces that are yet to receive any paint,need to be priemd first. Primer creates the foundation for receiving further coats of putty and paint, ensuring improved paint adhesion and durability of paint layer.
Tools Used : Roller , Brush

Step 2: Putty - 2 Coats

Putty is a white-cement based compound,applied on dry walls and ceiling. Putty smoothens the surface and makes in ready to receive paint. Liberal coats of Putty, to be applied on to the primed surface. At least 2 to 3 coats of Putty would prove beneficial.
Tools Used : Putty Knife

Step 3: Priming - The Guardian Coat

Another coat of primer to be applied over putty to prevent patchy appearance after final coat of paint. "It is always advisable to use primer, as it increases durability(life) of paint. Priming can never be skipped, when using paints with higher sheen(gloss)." Before priming over puttied surface,it needs to be sanded using grit to remove any dust.After priming,the surface has to dry naturally for a day, before painting over. Tools Used : Roller , Brush

Step 4: Painting - Finishing Touches

Paints produce that final finish and colour of the surface. Before deciding on the product, end requirements in term sof functionality and appearance, must be considered. On freshly cured surfaces, we recommend 3 coats will be applied to achieve the required finish, colour and a durable, consistent layer. Paints that produce a highly smooth finish, may require an additional coat also. Ceiling to be painted first, and then the walls. Surface needs to dry naturally after every coat.Water based paints like Emulsions that are used on walls and ceiling surfaces, dry fast (in 3 - 4 hours).
Tools Used : Roller , Brush

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